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This page is a way to archive online based research during the third academic year in the BA Fine Art course.

Being a visual learner I prefer to have an image-based link for my memory to connect concepts and content.
It can also be seen as an online sketchbook. 

7th August 2020




The methodology of research
Chronology of links and web pages that brought

me to the daily read

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25th August 2020




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"It is only rarely that a psychoanalyst feels impelled to investigate the subject of aesthetics even when aesthetics is understood to mean not merely the theory of beauty, but the theory of the qualities of feeling." (Freud 1991,1)

Unheimlich; sotto | Valeria Medici | 24th August 2020

7th September 2020



The material(s) used to make an artwork.

The substances to mix pigments.


This one here is a pertinent quote for my own practice. Ever since I've started my research (2018) I wanted to eliminate the viewer in search for a more intimate a human connection between what I made and who was there before it. Interaction can happen if there is an understanding between the two parts. How can there be an understanding if there is no clear message in the so-called 'artwork"? Isn't this the main issue of contemporary art? The impossibility to read its aims, the purpose of the piece? I'm not interested in the celebration and admiration of my ego. I crave connectivity and social change.

15th September 2020




'(...) the dialogic emphasis on experimentation and exploration of  meaning through talks seems cogent.'


'(...) dialogic perspectives on learning offer a provocative theoretical disruption. It challenges the assumption of learning as an atomized individualized event which occurs within the individual. It instead situates thought and understanding as something that emerges in the spaces in between individuals. When they are allowed to engage in open and supportive exploratory dialogue. In this sense, a seemingly contained teaching practices bring with them implications which productively trouble some of our core assumptions in Wester educational practice.'



'(...) more productive talk that which is dialogic or exploratory, characterised by an open endedness, it's one in which participants actively co-construct meaning by attending to the detail of arguments without an overwhelming concern with reaching a given endpoint. And in doing so to master the particular language embedded logics of their domains of study.'


30th September 2020


ETHONOGRAPHER - Hal Foster  | recommended by A. Hewitt

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pdf cv.png
pdf cv.png

9th October 2020 | Art Practice research

Reading for The Project about menstrual cycle


Hills, M.

9th Nov 2020 | Adobe Illustrator_first attempt

Learn Adobe Illustrator to make Wombenhoods' logo

Starting with the easy tutorials

After the Leaf and the camera shape's tutorials I had a go at attempting the first Wombenhood's logo prototype.

And here it is, the logo prototype with a few variations. It needs to be approved by the group ;)

10th Nov 2020 | How to maximase productivity and arrange work for Wombenhood | Trello

My struggle is to create a clear and easy to navigate the way to work on specific tastes especially now that I am collaborating with many people on Wombenhood.
Rhianne has suggested looking at Trello. So here we go.

Day one on Trello. Let's see how is this going to work for us. It does seems promising. Certainly without the tutorials I would be seriously lost

16th Nov 2020

Allan Kaprow

The instructions to make an Happening.

Isn't that curious and somewhat paradoxical that there is an exhibition in an art gallery of Allan's Happenings, specifically designed to happen only once, not in a gallery space, connected to everyday life?

Antony Gormley: Field for the British Isles

16 November 2019 - 8 March 2020



'Having a conversation through touch with the maker'

'In this work, every piece is a value because it is absolutely distinct. Within the trajectory of each person's making, every work is a particular moment, a particular time, a particular touch.'

'People come with their own interpretation, with their own projéct another form of collaboration.'

[His studio] 'It's a collective creative community. The making of Field was the first and maybe most clear expression of a longing for sculpture (..) to be a participatory activity.'

21st Dec 2020

Defining Dialogical art 

Grant Kester Delivers the Keynote Adress @ the Art of Collaboration Symposium - Part 1

October 22-23, 2009 at the UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts Research Center

What is dialogical art | See Kester’s youtube video: (9:44) Space name Dialogue. This definition is perfect!!!!! 


“The center’s name is Dialogue (DIAA_Dialogue Interactive Artists Association in Kopaweda) which reflects a key component of their creative philosophy. While their projects often takes physical form,  usually spaces is related to collective activities like children’s play or water collection, they are equally concerned with the processes of reciprocal learning generated in the planning and creation of these spaces, as well as the form of social interactions catalyzed by their subsequent use.’
Grant Kester Delivers the Keynote Adress @ the Art of Collaboration Symposium - Part 1, (2009) at the UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts Research Center. (09:44)


“(..) after finishing Conversation Pieces (2004) it seemed as if there was an increasing interest in art in collaborative, participatory, collective art practice and it was a curious phenomenon to me and I wanted to figure out why there were so many people working in this manner, what was the significance of this bot in term of art practice but also maybe the broader political significant of the fact that especially a younger generation of artists over the last 10 or 15 (2014/2019) years has increasingly turned to working in groups in one form or the other.“
Grant Kester Delivers the Keynote Adress @ the Art of Collaboration Symposium - Part 1, (2009) at the UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts Research Center. (01:04)

What is social engagement?

What is this branch of socially engaged art practice I am interested in?

If there is not enough material and artists to mention, it shows there is space in developing dialogical social practice.


The reared need to say that he now understands what the dialogue in art is.

Dialogical; Discourse is the artwork.  Is the process. 

TERM: Process-oriented art practice



23rd Dec 2020

Researching dialogical

dialogical artist_ Stephen Willats and Control Magazine

Control Magazine acts as a vehicle for proposals and explanations of art practice between artists seeking to create a meaningful engagement with contemporary society.

Published and edited by Stephen Willats, this pioneering magazine has documented the work of many artists, both from the UK and abroad and encouraged a wide discussion of artists’ practices.

Control Magazine’s function has always been to provide a resource for artists to discuss their work and, in particular, to make connections with other disciplines such as social or computer sciences, technology etc. Its eighteen issues provide a unique record of a specific area of art practice over four decades and this non-profit making publication has had an acknowledged influence on the practice of artists.

Could it be that I am looking at how do people see menstrual cycles and how o menstruals see themselves in relation to the menstrual cycle they embody?

This is my attempt to present the dialogical exchange I am initiating through Wombenhood in a diagram of physical form. (Dec 2020)

Stephen Willats ‎- Extending The Meaning In Art: A Basis For Operation (1976)

Witnessing Willats without knowing it..

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