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The Performance is a criticism of the seeming impossibility of being an artist in the homeland. A shout for the creativity and the resilience of being a Sicilian artist living away from home.

The durational performance starts with the artist sitting on the floor in front of a series of selected. 

The objects selected are part of the social fabric of living in Sicily. They represent the cultural value of dining together in a united family consuming the typical Mediterranean dip. 

The juxtaposition of the careful preparation of the dish and its waste is evident in the act of spitting the food. This act of scorn and disdain is mirroring the lack of artistic recognition in Sicily and its cultural and historical relevance.

An unscripted vocalisation merged which expressed the sense of homesick and resentment of the artist towards the homeland. 


A carpet beater is an object present in each Sicilian household which secondary use is for punishment. 

The artist's resentment is transferred through the beating action onto the masticated bread. The act culminates in shaping Sicily using the gross matter symbolising the discarded individual and its unrecognised talents. 

The formation of the beloved country resembles the saddening condition of talented individuals who are enduring a self-imposed exile in the research of fulfilment.



Materials: Bread, olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano, wooden cutting board,  plate, bread knife, carpet beater.

Sponsored by The Italian Shop, Northampton

Photo and Video by Allegra Fanti


Performed at the University of Northampton, 18-03-2019

Full documentation video available from

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