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TRITTICO is a multimedia/video installation which explores sexual desires and impulses through digital works, some of which resemble GIFs.
Artists, philosophers and film directors have inspired me to compose these symbolic and mystical works.
The erotically charged images are located in a surrealistic scenario and echo the ephemerality of dreams as a primary source of inspiration.
A humorous thematic is proposed with the split egg looping the secretion of its yolk as a GIF. 
Trittico is composed of three elements: Torso, Centro, Ventre. They are to be read in this order although the position in space will vary and it is not necessary to align the work in a linear composition.
The spatial installation desires to be ethereal and invisible. The projection is the primary medium.

In this initial experimentation, I have projected the GIFFs against at of the gallery’s windows. As the surface does not capture the video, this can be only be seen through acrylic screens working as an analogue viewing monitor. The viewers will walk in the seemingly empty space and will be invited to scan the air in search of the projection.
The still image is indeed the 'central' panel representing the source of primary inspiration: Dream Abstraction #5 (2019). 
The symbolic elements of the egg and tongue are most significant and have been transposed into videos to fully explore their significance.

Being a digital file the final physical form of the display will vary depending on the exhibition venue. It can be printed, projected or transformed into an object as well as being present only in the brochure.
Video GIF (1 sec). Left piece. 


Video GIF (4 sec). Right piece. Directly referencing Courbet's L’Origine du monde (1886).

Materials: Video projections, opaque acrylic screens (30cmX12cm), GIF videos.

Spatial Projection_Torso

Spatial Projection_Torso

Riproduci Video
Dream Abstraction #5_edited.jpg