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LA VISITA (The Visit) | A Video-Performance by Valeria Medic, DoP Tom Cressey | Duration 05:02 min | 2019

This Video-Performance piece explores Delapré Abbey through the eyes of the performance artist moving throughout the building and garden in what seems to be a dream. 
The poetical narrative emphasises the surreal imaginings of her mind, which is exaggerated through the use of camera movements and original sounds collected at Delapré. 
This video piece attempts to highlight the difference between the visitors' everyday visits of Delapré Abbey and the artist's eerie and peculiar experience whilst being the only person in the building during the filming process. These mysterious sensations and experiences reveal this other side of Delapré Abbey.


A site-specific installation realised after 6 months of residency at Delapré Abbey, Northampton, as part of the University of Northampton's BA Fine Art Course, Year 1.

Installation: Video, Projector
Location: Room 3 of the Nine Rooms, Delapreé Abbey, London Road, Northampton, NN4 8AW

Images Caption: La Vistia_Short film_Valeria Medici_Forecast Delapreé Abbey Public Art Festival 2019_Photos by Valeria Medici





“Extremely interesting video. I liked how the wall’s texture was showing through the film. It’s clear as you read the description. Well done” 25-05-2019


“Constructed well. Interesting thought process. Well done. J.W.” 25-05-2019


“Congratulations. Well done Valeria. Look forward to seeing the next jobs too! John” 25-05-2019


“Eerie!” 25-05-2019


“Amazing short film! Kept me on my toes!  “ 25-05-2019


“Great….scary, good…great…” 25-05-2019


“Well done on a very successful installation Valeria A.N.” 26-05-2019


“Awesome and I have the words spoken as well by Sammy. Loved it. Tom H” 26-05-2019


“Cool to watch in its place, Tested words with an audience - ;), Congrats Valeria, Great Piece” 26-05-2019


“Great Film. Interesting” 27-05-2019


“It was just serendipity. So ......we had never been to the abbey before so had no idea of what to expect. It’s a very melancholy place; you don’t pick up a happy vibe. So your piece. Interesting location, dark, claustrophobic and disorienting. So we opened the door and met a dark space but felt compelled to walk in and sit down. As we were watching your piece the door opened and someone came in. It felt ethereal and our focus was on the film and then I realised someone was behind my shoulder. We shuffled up and the other person sat down - and explained you both had had a conversation and the creative writing was born. We then watched the piece with Sammy reading her words. OMG. I can’t explain how amazing it was - two artists (visual and word) connecting. Simply it was the best. T. H”  26-05-2019


“Congratulations to you all on a wonderful show. J.R.”  27-05-2019

"I enjoyed the film which captured the sounds of Delapre in an imaginative way and kept a scary feel as you switched locations across the house


A clever piece of work well put together. E. S." 

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