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During the festival there has been exhibited the following two photographic series:

'Children and the World' (which new title is 'Through') 'Texture'.

In this photographic series, the interest is in capturing still and natural life by looking at it from a distance.
  Her background in the film industry pushed her to develop a keen eye for details, texture, sculptural bodies and to capture instantaneous moments such as the surprised expression of a child.
The approach to photography is driven by a deep interest in the visual and textural almost sensory experience through photography. Using primarily macro and telephoto lenses, Valeria captures the essence of a subject by looking at it from a distance so to not interfere with its habitat and to admire its natural power. This role is applied to wild subjects as well as people, cities and objects as they all have their own space in which they leave and express themselves free from the feeling of being observed.

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