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In this self-portraits series, the artist captured emotions and memories directly provoked by specific musical pieces.


The nature of the pigment mix made of acrylic, watercolour and spices combined in a thick almost sculptural texture, is to change status in an unpredictable timeframe. Which works in line with the concept of memories and emotions being as immediate as the medium.


Her approach to mix-media painting emphasises the physicality of the materials and the use of music produce a wide sensorial experience.


The use of music is a recurring tool as it enhances the creative spark and its overwhelming power enforces sudden creativity.


Public engagement is enforced by the installation of iPods and headphones beside each painting.



Materials: Watercolour, acrylic, spices, water, photograph, paper and music.

Series exhibited at the Undercurrent Gallery Takeover, NN Contemporary Art, January 2019.

Guideline to soundtracks related to the works

'This is my faith' -  Music: ‘No Forgiveness’ by Spiritual Front

'Scarcely reasonable emotions' -  Music: ‘Dammi la lingua’ (Sonnet 13) by Michael Nyman

'Moonlight' - Music:‘Beyond Romance’ by Lubomyr Melnyk


'There was you and the rest was snow' -  Music: ‘Peaceful snow’ by Death in June

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