Valeria Medici Profile

Fine Art

My interest lies in Socially Engaged Art, Dialogical Art in the creation of collaborative environments dedicated to enhancing human connections through topic-specific dialogues and process based approaches.

I am producing parallel conceptual pieces currently exploring the abject, motherhood and the uncanny using process-based techniques from printmaking to video.

Among other roles, I am part of the boards of trustees at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art.

Art Department

I have been working on film productions within Art Department as a Set Decorator and in Continuity both in the UK and Italy. 

With my background in Fine Art and training as a scenic artist, I have been decorating film sets with a deep understanding of aesthetic balance and composition supported by my diligence and focus on continuity.
With my technical skills in plastic decoration and sculpture, I have been producing props and objects through molding, casting, painting as well as soft stunt props.

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