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Installation and performing piece (2018-19)    

Performed at the Undercurrent Gallery Takeover | NN Contemporary Art, Northampton, UK 


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Performance November 2018
Remnant Exhibition, University of Northampton, UK 



Sensing Memories is an installation and performing piece composed by a collection of objects owned by the artist which represents a specific period of her past as well as the persons connected to essential moments of her life. 

The installation is composed by three sections headed by a Zen Osho’s Tarot result of the reading upon the specific section, and by a fulcrum artefact as a representation of the visceral and emotional status of the mind reviving the past emotions through the selection of objects displayed.

It is possible for the viewer(s) to physically engage with the work as it is allowed to pick up each individual object if such desire would occur.


Explorations and Approaches:
The research around the work is focused on two main points: the interaction and inclusivity of the public and the discovery of personal emotional responses through the proximity of physical objects.

The artist wishes to establish a physical and emotional connection between the public and the installation with the aim to make art accessible on a physical and personal level. 
The choice of allowing people to touch the work pull the viewer into a space that is usually forbidden. It places the individual at the same level of the artwork and enables him/her to explore the sensations driven by all the senses.

The second point of interest focus on the importance of the past remembered by the proximity to the ‘memoir objects’.
The womb represented in the three artefacts is a safe place of birth and comfort, the source of visceral emotions and an imaginary place where strong feelings grow strong and from where the artist has to escape so to start a liberating process of the mind.
The artist enhances the power of the objects through a performance so to pursue as a physical self-healing process. The piece ‘Get used to saying No’ by Death in June and Boyd Rice is of great importance for the artist who has been inspired by the lyrics to start the whole piece.



“I was born covered, wrapped, nurtured, instructed by someone else beliefs, good or bad habits, thoughts, life experience and sins. As I grow older I started collecting more objects, more thoughts, more beliefs, ways of being,  idealisms and influences from the external world;
from the people 
whom I grew up with or without. I feel dragged, I am dragging the dirt of centuries of ideologies, beliefs, religions, concepts anyway of living that is everything but me. I need to feel free from my chain, free of dogmas, of other ways of living and looking at life.
Walk through life could represent and also be a physical and mental transition, a re-birth process to set my mind free from the pre-existing thoughts, knowledge, attitudes that I have learned and passively collected during my life. I wish to leave the dirt away.
An actual liberating process.”


Valeria Medici








           Section I: Childhood

  1. Walldorf school book of toys | Memoir object

  2. Brooch: the passion for horse | Memoir object

  3. ‘Il cavallo blu’ illustration for my novel (1999) | Memoir object

  4. The womb| Acetate; paper print | Fulcrum work

  5. Il Gravame | The Burden | Ohso’s tarot

    Section II: Pain and pleasure

  6. Cigarette holder | Memoir object - Lechery

  7. Ring after a betrayal V. | Memoir object - Lechery

  8. Vibrator | Memoir object - Lechery

  9. Owl earring. I.R. | Memoir object - Pain

  10. Keychain bone A.M. | Memoir object - Pain 

  11. Photo R.S. | Memoir object - Pain

  12. Diaries 2015-2016 N.C. | Memoir object - Pain

  13. Calendar Tuesday 31st March | The day I moved to the UK | Memoir object

  14. The corruption of the womb |Reflecting of depression, pain, betrayal and sexuality
    Shoji paper print in latex | Fulcrum work

  15. Il Completamento |Completion | Ohso’s Tarot

  16. Turtle comb: Women of my childhood | Memoir object

    Section III: Rebirth

  17. Bracelet | Soulmate T.C. | Memoir object

  18. Metal Robyn | Free from the burden of the past | Memoir object

  19. Escaping the womb | Shoji paper print and latex | Fulcrum work

  20. Il Silenzio | Silence Osho’s Tarot

  21. Letter from a lover. D.D | Memoir object - Lechery

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