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It was a pleasure working with Valeria on the ‘Family Secrets’ feature film.
Her passion for her craft shines through in everything she does. She was able to elevate the production value of our project one hundred times over. Val pays close attention to every detail and made sure the visual language of our film went from being mediocre to stunningly brilliant. Val is extremely resourceful and was able to make the most of our limited budget to still get a great end result. Perhaps most importantly,
Val has a strong character which makes her reliable and invaluable to any project. She is honest, hardworking, funny and a genuine pleasure to work with.
I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Serge Rashidi - Zakuani
Film Director

Valaria Medici worked on my feature film production of Family Secrets from August – September 2016
as Production Designer and it was a true pleasure having her on board.
Valaria proved to be hardworking and committed throughout the project. She was the first to arrive and meticulously ensured that everything on set was in its correct place. This was especially important when
re-shooting scenes as it meant we were able to accurately maintain continuity. She is a very creative lady with an eye for detail. Valaria also went above and beyond in helping out in other areas that were not in her remit. From holding the boom while the sound guy took a break, to helping to prepare lunch and even jumping in front of the camera as an extra, there was nothing she shied away from. I have no doubt that Valaria will be a great asset to any film production and I would personally love the opportunity to work with her again.
Silvano Griffith-Francis
Writer & Producer 

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