Valeria Medici, Sicilian of origin, is a third-year undergraduate Fine Art Student enrolled at the University of Northampton, UK.

Her art practice has two main strands: socially engaged and process-based/conceptual practices.

The one explored in her final academic year is about social engagement with a focus on dialogical collaborations specifically linked to the topic around menstruality.

In her written research and practical work, Valeria has constructed a topic-based online space called 'Wombenhood: exploring the field pf menstruality'. This space of collaboration, dialogue, and making processes, created in collaboration with the artist Rhianne Burgesis now running the first self-funded collaboration entitled the DIY Knicker Kit Project. Between January and March 2021, a group of participants and collaborators will come together with Wombenhood's artists in the co-creation of meaning, discussions and making processes exploring of the topic of menstrual cycles through talks, workshops and making processes. Participants and collaborators are invited to create one (or more) pair of knickers onto which to embed their artistic and critical response of the topic discussed. These, among another form of exploration and documentation, will be presented as an art exhibition in June 2021.
The DIY Knciekr Kit project is the first prototype run under Wombenhood and it is a self-funded participatory project lead both by artists and participants through the means of dialogue as a making process and artistic response.

As a conceptual and process-based artist, Valeria's practice is focusing on the externalisation of visceral experiences and sensations in emotionally charged compositions. She uses different approaches and media such as photography, video, printmaking and performances to convey the message.

She pushes and analyses her creative impulses and methods by using objects, materials and processes to interrogate the intention behind the works. Through this interrogation and research, she identified that the production of multimedia pieces playfully engage, disengage and interact with one another, as do the variety of methods and techniques. This playful interplay informs her methodology and lines of enquiry.

Dreams and memories merge in fantastical reproductions. The use of offal and meat are a strong subconscious act. Being the daughter of doctors, she has always been exposed to medical books and tools, which are increasingly appearing in her work. 


Originally from Palermo, Sicily, she has established herself in the UK in 2015. Currently studying for a degree at the University of Northampton under the BA Fine Art Course, her identity as an artist and as a person is in an evolutionary phase. 

Among other roles, she is a trustee at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Advocate of the UK New Artists for the Leicester City Takeover 2021 and  President of the UoN Art Society.
Her active involvement in the Northamptonshire and Leicester Art Community has brought her to collaborate with local artists, communities, and organisations as well as being involved in group exhibitions on a national level.

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